Prevent Generative AI Data Leaks with Chrome Enterprise DLP (Google Online Security Blog)

Generative AI has emerged as a powerful and popular tool to automate content creation and simple tasks. From customized content creation to source code generation, it can increase both our productivity and creative potential.

Businesses want to leverage the power of LLMs, like Gemini, but many may have security concerns and want more control around how employees make sure of these new tools. For example, companies may want to ensure that various forms of sensitive data, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial records and internal intellectual property, is not to be shared publicly on Generative AI platforms. Security leaders face the challenge of finding the right balance — enabling employees to leverage AI to boost efficiency, while also safeguarding corporate data.

In this blog post, we’ll explore reporting and enforcement policies that enterprise security teams can implement within Chrome Enterprise Premium for data loss prevention (DLP).

1. View login events* to understand usage of Generative AI services within the organization. With Chrome Enterprise’s Reporting Connector, security and IT teams can see when a user successfully signs into a specific domain, including Generative AI websites. Security Operations teams can further leverage this telemetry to detect anomalies and threats by streaming the data into Chronicle or other third-party SIEMs at no additional cost.

2. Enable URL Filtering to warn users about sensitive data policies and let them decide whether or not they want to navigate to the URL, or to block users from navigating to certain groups of sites altogether.

For example, with Chrome Enterprise URL Filtering, IT admins can create rules that warn developers not to submit source code to specific Generative AI apps or tools, or block them.

3. Warn, block or monitor sensitive data actions within Generative AI websites with dynamic content-based rules for actions like paste, file uploads/downloads, and print. Chrome Enterprise DLP rules give IT admins granular control over browser activities, such as entering financial information in Gen AI websites. Admins can customize DLP rules to restrict the type and amount of data entered into these websites from managed browsers.

For most organizations, safely leveraging Generative AI requires a certain amount of control. As enterprises work through their policies and processes involving GenAI, Chrome Enterprise Premium empowers them to strike the balance that works best. Hear directly from security leaders at Snap on their use of DLP for Gen AI in this recording here.

Learn more about how Chrome Enterprise can secure businesses just like yours here.

*Available at no additional cost in Chrome Enterprise Core