Secure mobile payment transactions enabled by Android Protected Confirmation (Google Online Security Blog)

Unlike other mobile OSes, Android is built with a transparent, open-source architecture. We firmly believe that our users and the mobile ecosystem at-large should be able to verify Android’s security and safety and not just take our word for it.

We’ve demonstrated our deep belief in security transparency by investing in features that enable users to confirm that what they expect is happening on their device is actually happening.

The Assurance of Android Protected Confirmation

One of those features is Android Protected Confirmation, an API that enables developers to utilize Android hardware to provide users even more assurance that a critical action has been executed securely. Using a hardware-protected user interface, Android Protected Confirmation can help developers verify a user’s action intent with a very high degree of confidence. This can be especially useful in a number of user moments – like during mobile payment transactions – that greatly benefit from additional verification and security.

We’re excited to see that Android Protected Confirmation is now gaining ecosystem attention as an industry-leading method for confirming critical user actions via hardware. Recently, UBS Group AG and the Bern University of Applied Sciences, co-financed by Innosuisse and UBS Next, announced they’re working with Google on a pilot project to establish Protected Confirmation as a common application programmable interface standard. In a pilot planned for 2023, UBS online banking customers with Pixel 6 or 7 devices can use Android Protected Confirmation backed by StrongBox, a certified hardware vault with physical attack protections, to confirm payments and verify online purchases through a hardware-based confirmation in their UBS Access App.

Demonstrating Real-World Use for Android Protection Confirmation

We’ve been working closely with UBS to bring this pilot to life and ensure they’re able to test it on Google Pixel devices. Demonstrating real-world use cases that are enabled by Android Protected Confirmation unlocks the promise of this technology by delivering improved and innovative experiences for our users. We’re seeing interest in Android Protected Confirmation across the industry and OEMs are increasingly looking at how to build even more hardware-based confirmation into critical security user moments. We look forward to forming an industry alliance that will work together to strengthen mobile security and home in on protecting confirmation support.