Simplifying Titan Security Key options for our users (Google Online Security Blog)

Today we are excited to announce some changes to our lineup of Titan Security Keys on the Google Store which provide a simpler experience and make choosing the right security key for you even easier. We will now offer only two types of Titan Security Keys: a USB-A and a USB-C version. Both of these keys have Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, which allows you to use it with most mobile devices by simply tapping it on the back of your mobile device in order to sign in securely.

In 2018, Google introduced the Titan Security Key as a direct defense against credential phishing. Phishing occurs when an attacker tries to trick you into giving them your username and password, and it remains one of the easiest and most successful ways of breaching accounts online. Paired with our Advanced Protection Program and its industry-leading automatic protections, the Titan Security Key remains one of the best ways to keep your Google Account safe.

Introducing new Titan Security Key options

Since NFC functionality is now supported by a wide range of Android phones and iPhones, we are discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key and focusing on the easier and more widely available NFC capability. However, for existing users with our Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, these will continue to work with Bluetooth and will continue to work as an NFC key on most modern mobile devices. Applicable warranties for existing Bluetooth Titan Security Keys will continue to be honored per their terms. All Titan Security Keys are built with a hardware secure element chip that includes firmware engineered by Google to verify the key’s integrity.

If you have a computer with USB-A ports, we recommend you get the USB-A + NFC security key:

If you have a computer with USB-C ports, we recommend you get the USB-C + NFC security key:

If you have an iPad with a USB-C connector you can use the USB-C Titan Security Key. If you have an iPad with a lightning connector, it’s recommended to get a USB-A Titan Security Key with an Apple Lightning adapter:


To purchase a Titan Security Key, visit the Google Store. The USB-A+NFC key,which includes a USB-A to USB-C adapter, is available for $30 and the USB-C+NFC key retails for $35.

To learn more about how security keys can help protect you against phishing, visit the Titan Security Key product page.